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m+p Analyzer

m+p Analyzer is a PC based data acquisition software. Analyzer sets itself apart by its fast time to setup. The software has the latest and greatest curve fitters to help establish the highest quality modal models. The software offers simple user interface while maintaining features the most experienced of analysts expect.

Analyzer works with 3rd party hardware including:

  • National Instruments
  • TMS Digiducer

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m+p VibPilot

Vib Pilot is a highly portable low channel density frontend that works with m+p Analyzer. Labview VIs are also available for VibPilot if further customization is desired.

VibPilot comes standard with 8 channels and is expandable by chaining two units together with ethernet cables.

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m+p VibRunner

VibRunner is an ideal solution for high channel count tests. VibRunner is infinitely reconfigurable and is capable of acquiring high frequency acceleration measurements as well as strain and tach measurements. VibRunner fits in a 1U form factor with all BNC connections.

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m+p VibMobile

VibMobile is a portable solution with onboard PC. It is completely reconfigurable for the type of test to be conducted. VibMobile is a solution for rugged field measurements as well as high-quality lab measurements. VibMobile can be configured with SMB connectors for optimum channel density or BNC for greater access. LIMO strain modules and source modules are also available.

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